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What Kokology game is about?

Kokology: Kokology: The Game of Self-Discovery

kokology \ kô kôl´ ôjê \ n [Japanese, - kokoro, mind, spirit, feelings + Greek, -logia, the study of]

1. A series o psychological games designed to uncover emotional and behavioral traits of the players.

2. A popular term for the interpretation of the hidden meanings of human behavior and situational responses - kokologist n - kokological adj - kokologize vi

The purpose of kokology games is to help gaze into inside world of human psychology, to discover yet unknown depths of ones emotions and feeling laying deep within.

Many forms of media such as books, newspapers, television has helped people to understand the outside world. Kokology games are dedicated to help understand our forgotten inside world.

The science of psychology itself allows people to study and comprehend the mind, but like any science, it demands time, hard work, and dedication to learn and uses a specialized vocabulary that keeps many nonspecialists at a distance. Kokology is a game based on the science of psychology, but with a fun and easy approach that makes it possible for everyone to experience and enjoy the world of the mind.