Answer to "The stolen berries"

Strawberries - seductively juice and red - are a common symbol of sexual attraction and desire. The way you envisioned this scenario helps to understand your attitude toward forbidden romance and stole love.

"The height of fence"

The height of the fence you imagined around the field is a measure of your own level of self-control and resistance to sexual temptation. People who imagined total enclosure exercise admirable restraint. Those of you who said it was only some beanpoles at about knee height run higher than average risk to getting burned by the flame of love.

"Number of berries"

The number of berries you said you wold steal is the number of people you can believer yourself in lover with at any given time. If you said you'd quit after eating just one, you're likely to be faithful in your town love life as well. Those who got in double digits may need think about applying the brakes to your libido.

"The excuses you made"

The excuses you made to the farmer represents the way you'd defend yourself i you got caught having an affair. What was your excuse?

"The taste of berries"

The way you described the experience and the taste of the berries gives an indication of how you imagine yourself feeling when looking back on a past affair.